Our Hope

We envision a forest that is protected from pulp and paper companies, industrial rubber and agriculture, and illegal logging. 30 Hills can be a safe haven for tigers, elephants, orangutans and hundreds of other species. The forest-dwelling tribes can continue to live off the forests as they have for generations. And the forests can continue to store and sequester significant amounts of carbon and help mitigate climate change.


The Solution

In Indonesia, most of the forest is owned by the government and is leased out as long-term “concessions” for activities like logging, mining and industrial agriculture. Much of the tiger, elephant and orangutan forest of 30 Hills will be converted to such activities if the area isn’t rezoned.

The Indonesian government can do two things immediately to help save 30 Hills:

  1. Rezone the concessions outside the national park. The forested concessions that surround Bukit Tigapuluh National Park could either become part of an expansion of the national park or be rezoned as “ecosystem restoration concessions.” This new concession type would allow companies and conservation groups to lease the forest for protect and restoration.
  2. Increase law enforcement. Regardless of the zoning, these forests – both inside and outside the national park – are threatened by illegal cultivators who cut down the trees and plant illegal oil palm or rubber. Improved law enforcement would reduce illegal clearing of forest concessions and poaching.

We feel confident that with your help we can convince the government to protect 30 Hills. Please help and sign the global petition to the Indonesian government today!


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